WEBCAST: Bonds & Interest Rates in 2022

ACM chief investment officer Dr. Chuck Lieberman is joined by ACM fixed Income Manager Kevin Kelly to review the current risks of investing in bonds in a rising interest rate environment. Hosted by Kevin Kern, head of Direct Wealth Services, this informative webcast will cover the following;
1. The firm’s interest rate outlook
2. The effects of higher rates on bonds
3. The benefits of owning individual bonds vs bond funds
4. How ACM is positioning our bond clients.

WEBCAST: Building Income Portfolios

Chief Investment Officer Dr. Chuck Lieberman is joined by investment committee member and partner Kevin Strauss to discuss the obstacles and opportunities in building stock and bond income portfolios as inflation rises and the world recovers.
Overview Topics; inflation, equity income portfolio construction, and the corporate and municipal bond markets.
Moderated by Jeff Deiss CFP, Director of Financial Planning.