Susan Kimmel, CFP®, CPA

Client Service Associate:
Lisa Meringolo

Susan Kimmel, CFP®, CPA

Senior Wealth Advisor

Gray is my favorite color in planning; nothing is black and white. Circumstances change, ideas change, and new solutions arise. That’s how life works—and that’s how I approach client engagements. It’s a fluid process that’s more art than science.

As Senior Wealth Advisor with ACM Wealth, I eliminate stress in my clients’ financial lives by helping them increase cash flow, restructure outstanding debt, reduce taxes, implement investment plans that map to their goals, and accumulate wealth. Looking at total family wealth, I take clients’ children and grandchildren into account as I consider ideas that support holistic family well-being, while also coordinating all aspects of their personal, charitable, financial, trust, and estate plans to help them achieve financial independence.

For me, it’s all about the human approach. I like to imagine what my clients’ lives will look like many years in the future, which gives me a unique perspective as I partner with them to realize their most profound dreams. Most of my clients have been with me for many years—which means that by now, they’ve accumulated enough wealth to last them the rest of their lives. Safe in that knowledge, I encourage them to use their wealth to live life to the fullest, in whatever form that takes for them, such as traveling, gifting to family members, supporting charitable organizations, pursuing beloved hobbies, or engaging in fun and exciting outside interests.

With advanced expertise in IRA accumulation, Social Security claiming strategies, and retirement distributions, I help clients reduce their tax burden as they build greater wealth for their families and charitable bequests.

At ACM Wealth, I am thrilled to be part of an exceptional team of wealth management experts who come together in pursuit of a common goal: to help clients develop inexpensive, tax-efficient, customized, and transparent portfolios that seamlessly integrate with their ongoing financial plan to support a secure future.

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