Frani Feit, CFP®

Frani Feit, CFP®
Associate Advisor:
Cindy Pitonzo
Client Service Associate:
Alisa Ljesnanin

Frani Feit, CFP®

Senior Wealth Advisor

Frani Feit is a Senior Wealth Advisor with ACM Wealth, where she offers comprehensive financial planning and investment management guidance to help clients prioritize and organize all aspects of their financial lives. As a seasoned Certified Financial Planner™, she is widely known for blending her deep knowledge with an empathetic approach as she guides clients through life’s most difficult transitions. 

Throughout Frani’s 20-year career, she has amassed a reputation for helping individuals balance their dreams with life’s realities to achieve financial stability, cultivate long-term wealth, and enjoy peace of mind. With a background that also includes tax and audit, as well as individual and corporate pension plans, she has a unique and well-rounded perspective that allows her to navigate complex financial landscapes and provide tailored solutions for her client’s specific needs. 

Frani earned her B.B.A. in Accounting from George Washington University. Notably, she taught the Retirement, Investment, and Capstone modules of the Certified Financial Planning Curriculum at Fairleigh Dickinson University and she was also a founder of the DFM Memorial Foundation to benefit youth activities. 

Frani embraces a comprehensive, holistic approach that encompasses various aspects of financial and wealth planning, including investment strategy, asset allocation, retirement planning, cash flow management, and more. With a keen focus on maximizing financial growth and security, Frani ensures that her clients’ financial well-being is optimized, and their long-term goals are successfully achieved. 

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