We’re Working As Usual Through The Crisis

Advisors Capital Management (ACM) is fully functional during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak with employees throughout the country working remotely as well as multiple in-office locations.  Should the Coronavirus outbreak require ACM to direct more in-office employees to work remotely we are confident that our clients should not see any difference in our level of communication, trading capabilities or advisory services.

Our industry requires that advisory firms such as ACM maintain a business contingency plan and that these plans are reviewed and tested annually. Hurricane Sandy in 2012 was a critical test to these support systems when our headquarters in New Jersey, which housed our trading room and back-office support operations, was without power for more than two weeks.

Because of the specific issues related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we have restricted business travel for all employees and have introduced a 14-day “work-from-home” policy for any employee who has returned from a high-risk area or has been exposed to the virus.   We have used this opportunity over the past few weeks to once again test our systems by deploying support and service employees to home isolation with full work capabilities.

Remote Meetings for Client Reviews

ACM has the capabilities through GotoMeeting and ZOOM to conduct remote web meetings so we urge clients to stay home, stay safe and have your reviews more conveniently through the web and phone. Web meetings provide the opportunity for family members and other financial professionals in different locations to conveniently attend.  And web connectivity also allows members of the ACM team to be more accessible to you.  If you would like to have your next financial review via the web please let your advisor know and it will be arranged.

We are confident that we have taken the necessary steps to ensure the continued efficient operation of our business and we continue to closely monitor the situation as it evolves.  Be safe, be smart and take the necessary precautions.

Visit www.coronavirus.gov for the latest information.

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