ACM’s Lieberman and Greenspan Address Scottrade’s Top 100 Conference

May 4, 2017

ACM’s chief investment officer, Dr. Charles Lieberman along with senior economic advisor Dr. Alan Greenspan addressed managers from Scottrade’s top 100 branches at an annual conference in St. Louis.

Dr. Lieberman provided Scottrade associates with ways to see past the sometimes motivated headlines and find the real health of the economy.  After reviewing employment, the housing industry and other economic indicators, Lieberman introduced via satellite Dr. Greenspan to provide additional commentary.

The conversation with Dr. Greenspan had a surprising start with the first question from Dr. Lieberman. “What makes an accomplished saxophone player put his instrument down and take up finance?” said Lieberman.  Greenspan a student of Juilliard, didn’t skip a beat saying, “I was good, but not great and the economics made the decision simple!”

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