A lifetime of Achievement: Ann Eisenhart, ACM Wealth Advisor

Ann Eisenhart began her advisory career in 1995. Prior to becoming an advisor, she developed two successful private enterprises from their infancy. It was during her time as a small business owner when her own financial advisor recognized something unique in her and suggested she pursue a career as a financial planner. Since that time, Ann has helped dozens of clients accumulate, distribute, and protect their wealth to support a better quality of life.

When a local Rochester, NY-based radio station offered her a radio show in 2002, she jumped at the opportunity to tell her story—despite her lack of experience behind a microphone. Later named The Common Cents Money Talk Show, the show brought in various leading financial professionals who offered advice and wisdom to address listeners’ most pressing concerns. Over the next decade, the popular show went on to broadcast on some of the region’s largest AM stations, including 50,000-watt WHAM 1180.

At times, Ann’s responsibility was heavy, with dozens of crises abound, including the dot.com bust, the housing crises, and the recent pandemic. But her time on-air offered her a unique perspective as she worked with clients during times of difficulty. “A weekly radio broadcast makes you very aware of market conditions and the concerns of my listeners and clients,” she said. “Over the course of my entire career, I never forgot that the welfare of my families was in my hands.”

This past May, Ann received a lifetime achievement award, marking her notable accomplishments through the years with Advisors Capital Management. As she prepares to wrap up her career this year, it is more than apparent that the move from business owner and real estate investor to advisor was the right choice—not only for her, but also for everyone around her and those she’s served through the years.
Ann has been married to her husband, Bob, for what will be 45 years this October, and together they share three sons, Andrew, Robert (Bobby), and Jonathan. Bobby and Andrew were ROTC students and went on to become Captains in the Army, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, while Jonathan enjoys a successful career as Captain with American Airlines and instructor for other pilots. Ann and Bob also have four grandchildren.

Ann will retire in Naples, FL, where she intends to cross some items off her bucket lists (hip hop lessons, ballroom dancing, and horseback riding, to name a few). “Ultimately,” says Ann, “I’d like to mentor young people—teach them life skills, guide them on managing money, and encourage them to have a plan B in their back pocket to prevent devastation from unexpected life events, such as lay-off, horrid inflation, or a divorce.” Ann has made a significant impact on the lives of many, and we wish her well as she ventures into her next phase in life.

Thanks Ann for a job well done!

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