Riders Up For Breast Cancer Research

ACM team members spent a recent Saturday at the Historic Saratoga Race Track helping raise funds for Breast Cancer research. Pictured above right Fixed Income Manager Kevin Kelly and his beautiful wife Janice taking best-dressed couple award and Lisa Loeffel from our Investor Services team “looking the part” at the new 1863 club.

Not pictured Jeremy Lieberman and Laurie Simson

Traditionally other organizations that support solutions for breast cancer only provide 5% of funds raised for metastatic breast cancer research. Whereas METAvivor provides 100% of the funds raised towards breast cancer research. This research holds promise for clinical trials that may have a significant and positive impact on metastatic cancer. This is important because the average survival time after cancer has spread is just two to three years. Please learn more about this worthy organization by visiting metavivor.org.


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