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ACM Wealth is a nationally recognized income specialist that offers advanced expertise in optimizing income with investment portfolios that work with clients’ financial plans and goals for the future. Guided by the mindset that no two investors are alike, our Certified Financial Planners blend qualitative and quantitative analysis to build customized portfolios of individual stocks and bonds designed to accommodate any income objective.

Creating long-term income that grows

Through our income investment selection process, a monitored-withdrawal approach, and tax-efficient planning, we will seek to help you achieve lifelong income from your investments. We start by learning about you and what you want to accomplish for your life and into retirement, then determine the estimated monthly, quarterly, or annual income you will need to achieve those goals. From there, we’ll create a customized income strategy that takes your investment objectives and risk tolerances into account with the goal of generating long-term growing cash flow.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you achieve a specific level of income from your investments while, when possible, avoiding the selling of the underlying assets. This approach “living off the apples (portfolio income) and stay away from the trees (principal)” can help to protect you from common pitfalls that could affect cash flow, including inflation, withdrawal rates, and extended down markets. Alternatively, we can generate income by strategically selling select securities on an as-needed basis when you need to raise cash beyond that which interest and dividends can produce.

Yield targeting to manage risk, income, and portfolio expectations

Yield can be an important part of the total return of a portfolio. Using an approach known as yield targeting, we build private accounts consisting of customized stock and bond allocations that allow us to target a specific yield based on your individual objectives, appetite for risk, and changing income needs. Whether your goal is appreciation, income generation, portfolio stability, or all of the above, our yield targeting experts will help you achieve a specific level of sustainable income despite the market environment.


Disclosure: Estimated gross target yields shown are for illustrative purposes only. Yield targets are ranges that will be determined based on the current market conditions and subject to change at any time. Your net yield will vary based on fees and when you invest. Consult with an ACM wealth advisor for current target yields.

Your long-term partner

As your trusted partner in wealth planning, we’ll work with you on an ongoing basis, nipping and tucking when appropriate, to help you generate more or less income based on your evolving distribution needs, your life circumstances, and the shifting economy. Unlike a mutual fund or an ETF, our private accounts of individual equities offer efficiency, choice, and customization.

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Your financial issues are unique – and you deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach to help you reach your financial goals. Take a look at how customized portfolios and a personalized financial plan can help you solve your financial challenges.

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