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Volatility Is Not Going Away

The beginning of 2023 saw a rally in equities as investors forecasted the end of Fed rate hikes. After the most recent jobs report and the 2YR treasury note movement, those hopes have been dashed for the near future. This volatility in equity markets is very normal....
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Volatility creates opportunity in Fixed Income

Interest rate hikes by the fed have created a volatile environment in bond holdings. While it may be a bumpy ride, the turbulence is creating more opportunities that have bene seen in many years. How can your portfolio take advantage?...
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Stay the Course

Investors enjoy a reprieve as the downward trend of the market seems to halt. While the narrative on equities has brightened, volatility will still be an ongoing problem for investors. However, portfolio risk can be mitigated with thoughtful positioning....
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How much will earnings matter?

High inflation, rising interest rates, Covid, and war in Europe has caused stocks to decline due to market volatility. However, as companies release their earnings reports we will see how market risks are actually effecting manufacturing and productivity. Will high earnings beat out the volatility?...
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Staying the course with your portfolio

A wise warning against timing the market. Here's why staying invested always maximizes returns, regardless of any market uncertainty....
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Risks Up, Markets Down: Where to Now?

Geopolitical tensions shake the market, and Growth investors especially are in for a bumpy ride. Hold on to your hats, the Great Reallocation is here....
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Hot Cars: Econ 101

Inflation can do strange things to the market. Portfolio Manager Randy Coleman examines the raring prices on used cars as a case study for these strange happenings, and how they can be understood with simple economics....
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Rough Waters Demand a Steady Hand

It has been a rough couple of months for growth stocks and higher-risk assets. Meanwhile, the S&P has roared forward 42%. And then, the Fed pivots on bond tapering. What to make of the recent market volatility? Read on....
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Zen and the Art of Wave Riding

The sea and the markets have many similarities. Both give and both take. Both require calm and a well thought out approach before entering. But with a little zen, you too can ride the waves....
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