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Have World Equities Disconnected from Economics, Politics, and Reality?

With COVID-19, ongoing trade issues, and now riots, many equity investors are asking if equities worldwide have disconnected from reality. We believe there are fundamental forces driving the equity market’s advance....
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Volatility Returns

A 10% tax on the rest of imports from China would land on consumer goods, and the breadth of that impact has investors worried that the U.S. economic expansion could be derailed. But let’s take a closer look....
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Investing in a “Wait and See” Economy

Equity investing is a long-term strategy, and a recession’s onset is unpredictable (and once it arrives, is short-lived). For those reasons, it remains as important today as always to adopt an equity-to-fixed allocation you can live with over multiple cycles. ...
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Will the Trade Wars Ever End?

How much does a trade war with China matter for the economy and the markets?  Possibly a lot, by precipitating a recession, although that’s unlikely. ...
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Tariffs and Temper Tantrums But No Recession

This trade dispute with China is a fine example of something that looks like a significant roadblock for our economy and the markets.  But this country’s economic resiliency has been remarkable throughout our history....
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Remedies Coming for What Ails China

Chinese growth has been decelerating for several years. Nonetheless, China does have levers to pull to maintain its expansion....
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Much of the Trade Rhetoric Is Bluster

Proposals to impose tariffs on China and counterproposals by China to hike tariffs on U.S. products are mostly in the bluster and public rhetoric stage....
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