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Social Security COLA & Medicare Update

Medicare beneficiaries are receiving their determination letters which contain information on Medicare premiums - and any adjustments. IRMAA is an adjustment for higher income tax payers. The social security Cost of Living adjustment for inflation, COLA, was also announced last week....
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The Myths of Social Security

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions that further complicate this 90-year-old federal program. Social Security, has kept many millions of retired, disabled, and young people above the federal poverty line (21.7 million as of 2021 figures). We highlight 3 of the more prominent questions we get about Social Security Income. ...
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Medicare Premium and Annual Deductible Updates for 2022

2022 Medicare information is here - find out the new prices for your premiums, deductibles, coinsurance amounts, and income related monthly adjustments....
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2022 Social Security COLA Announced

The Social Security Administration announced that next year’s cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, will be 5.9% compared to the 1.3% increase for 2021. We review this and other changes....
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Social Security Claiming Decisions for Women

The choices around when and how to claim Social Security can be numerous depending on each client's personal financial situation. We take a look at some of the basics and how it impacts women....
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Social Security and Medicare Updates for 2020

Our comprehensive 2020 updated on Social Security and Medicare....
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Social Security Filing Strategy Ending in 2019

If you're turning 66 in 2019, you can still take advantage of a claiming strategy to boost your retirement income.  In one recent case for our clients, we added $35,000 of additional income that they would have otherwise foregone....
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Social Security and Medicare Updates for 2019

Before you start wagering additional income on your mid-term election favorites, remember that one of the most important enrollment periods of the year kicks off today: The Medicare enrollment period begins on Oct. 15 and continues through Dec. 7....
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Social Security and Medicare Updates for 2018

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused a lot of hardship, but there may be a silver lining for seniors. By triggering higher inflation in August and September, the storms may have boosted the expected increase in benefits in 2018 by the most since 2012....
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