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How to Profit from the Gambling Industry

Thoughts of dice, chips, and cards are the first to come to mind when one considers how to profit from the gambling industry. Look beyond the tables, and the global Casinos and Gaming industry has been riding high on the wave of post-pandemic recovery businesses. ...
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The Reality that Lurks Beneath the Surface

Chief Investment Owner and Co-Founder Dr. Charles Lieberman weighs the recently released September jobs report, and what it really means for the labor market as a whole, and shares ACM's ongoing investment positioning....
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Next Up: Earnings

Although the news recently has been dominated by alarming headlines, we have some positive developments to look forward to: second quarter earnings reports. This past quarter will likely deliver one of best year-over-year earnings growth rates in history....
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ACM’s Senior Economic Advisor Alan Greenspan Warns on Spending and Inflation

Advisors Capital Management Senior Economic Advisor and former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, warns on inflation and assesses the recovery....
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A Bumpy Ride, But Recovery is Coming

The question investors are now asking is: how much more appreciation can we reasonably expect? The answer is: quite a lot, if you are in the right parts of the market....
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The Market Has Rallied Huge. What’s Next?

COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc, as cases spike throughout the country during this holiday season. And yet the S&P 500 and the Russell 2000 have made new all-time highs this past week and the 10-year Treasury yields just 0.88%.  We see stocks anticipating a recovery, even as bond yields are depressed by Fed policy. ...
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Wall Street vs. Main Street

This past week the S&P 500 made a new all-time high and Apple reached $2 trillion in valuation.  It would seem that the pandemic is already in the rearview mirror. Many worry that Wall Street is disconnected from Main Street....
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Progress, Even If the Road Is Rough

Second quarter GDP collapsed at a 32.9% annual rate, as was widely expected.  Nonetheless, more timely data shows that the economy is bouncing back.  It has a long ways to go and the path back will not be smooth or easy.  But the recovery process is clearly underway....
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Why Is the Market Rallying While the Economy Is Collapsing?

We are in the earliest stages of a recovery, although uncertainty is high because we can still be surprised by the path of the pandemic....
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