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Recession Prospects are Even More Distant Now

The economy may have picked up some steam recently, although a strengthening of growth is actually unsustainable. More significantly, recession prospects have been pushed even further into the future, which jeopardizes the Fed’s hope or bringing inflation closer to its 2% objective....
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4th Quarter 2023 Review and Outlook

Advisor Capital's 2023 Quarter Four Outlook - contains macroeconomic overview from Dr. Charles Lieberman, World Market & Economies update, and an update on inflation verses interest rates....
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Full Speed Ahead

Hiring slows, but is still fairly robust relative to the influx of new job seekers. Wage inflation has moderated from pandemic levels, but the labor market still remains quite tight. Prospects for a recession are still beyond our radar, and likely the Fed's too - meaning a year of likely Fed rate holds....
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Can You Trust the New Bull Market?

Despite inflation, recession talk, and consistent Fed rate hikes a new bull market has been born. CIO Lieberman looks beyond the buzz to explain why investors are optimistic. ...
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Whatever Happened to the Impending Recession?

What if they scheduled a recession and no one showed up?...
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Market Rallies in Advance of Gloomy Earnings Season: What Gives?

The latest market rally seems contradictory to recent talk of recession and the expected low earnings for the first quarter. Portfolio manager Dr. Feeney explains how investors are expecting these past headwinds to abate, and even flip to tailwinds. Has the worst passed?...
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Is the Economy Slowing Enough?

Strong employment and jobs growth reports from February dashed investors' hopes for a pause to Fed rate hikes. While there are signs that economic growth is moderating, it is not slowing enough to expect the Fed to be able to pause rate hikes....
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Those Super Bowl Advertisers May Be Onto Something

This year's Super Bowl saw close to $580 million spent from advertisers vying for consumers' wallets. What does this say about the economy?...
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Red Hot Jobs Report, But What About the Debt Ceiling?

After January's incredibly strong jobs report it looks like the Fed will be forced to continue on their path of rate hikes - whether they want to or not. What does this mean for the risk of recession? And -- a quick note on congress' debt ceiling issue.....
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