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The importance of shopping during Medicare’s annual open enrollment season.

Don't forget to shop your Medicare Part D drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan before December 7th! You can review your coverage to ensure all doctors and medications are still included in your plan. ...
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Social Security COLA & Medicare Update

Medicare beneficiaries are receiving their determination letters which contain information on Medicare premiums - and any adjustments. IRMAA is an adjustment for higher income tax payers. The social security Cost of Living adjustment for inflation, COLA, was also announced last week....
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Tax Planning: The Importance of Sharing Your Filed Tax Return with Your Financial Advisor

Do you share your tax return with your financial advisor? While often overlooked, this simple action can help your advisor come up with the best plan for your full financial situation. ...
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Time to Start shopping your Medicare Part D plan

Did you know you can preview 2022 Part D Medicare plans now, even though enrollment isn't until October 15th? Plans can change every year, so make sure all of your current medications are covered. Log into your Medicare account and start comparing now!...
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Did You Know? Medicare Premiums Decreasing for 2023

While most prices have been trending up, one item is posed to get less expensive: Medicare Premiums! Read on to understand more about how medicare premiums are calculated, and how this change will affect you....
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Medicare Premium and Annual Deductible Updates for 2022

2022 Medicare information is here - find out the new prices for your premiums, deductibles, coinsurance amounts, and income related monthly adjustments....
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Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the annual Medicare Open Enrollment (Oct 15 – Dec 7) is here. CFP Jeff Deiss breaks down the differences between original Medicare and a Medicare Advantage plan. Which is the better fit for you?...
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Time to Start Shopping Your Medicare Part D Plan

The time to re-evaluate your Medicare prescriptions plan is here. Read on to learn how to ensure that your plan will meet your medical needs for the upcoming year....
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Protecting those most vulnerable – Medicare Coverage Updates

Given that many older Americans are at high risk for serious illness from the coronavirus, certain rules have been relaxed as a result to help Medicare beneficiaries manage throughout the crisis....
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