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What Now? A Look at How Markets and Sectors Reacted to the Trump Victory.

The election shocker from last night is likely to have a broad reaching impact on various sectors, and the market is attempting to forecast the impact from these changes. Here are our thoughts on various sectors and potential policies....
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Rational Exuberance?

Stocks rally as the debt ceiling issue looks to be handled. Despite buzz about inflation and recession risk, the market is bolstered by emerging A.I. technology from top technology and consumer companies leading to real growth. ...
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Sell in May and Go Away? History May Suggest Otherwise

Is there any truth to the old adage "Sell in May and Go Away"? CFP and Senior Wealth Advisor Richard Westhelle investigates, taking a look at past S&P data....
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Artificial Intelligence

Headlines abound - are robots coming for your job? Perhaps not, or not yet. Portfolio manager evaluates the effects of new A.I. technologies on existing markets and considers how industries might expand in the future....
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The 2023 Outlook

Recession expectations, possible Fed rate hikes, and still-growing inflation? Welcome to 2023. Our Chief Investment Officer, Dr. Lieberman, provides his market outlook for the upcoming year....
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Happy New Year! Is it Over Yet?

Is market fatigue giving you the winter blues? Many of us can't help but compare the past year's performance to the highs of 2021, but 2023 is a new year....
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Still Robust

While most economists expect the Fed to continue to hike interest rates over the near term, even as it downshifts from 0.75% to 0.50% increments, investors remain convinced that the Fed will soon end its rate hike cycle. So, we think there is some room for disappointment and market volatility will continue....
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Another Fine Mess?

Just as COVID started to recede, markets are hit again by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Fed continues to fight inflationary pressures, and a bear market seems likely. However, long term investors remain secure....
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Factoring War into the Outlook

War in Ukraine is likely to continue, along with the market volatility it is causing. However, strong economic growth in the US also continues as COVID drastically recedes....
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