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Artificial Intelligence

Headlines abound - are robots coming for your job? Perhaps not, or not yet. Portfolio manager evaluates the effects of new A.I. technologies on existing markets and considers how industries might expand in the future....
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Investing in a “Wait and See” Economy

Equity investing is a long-term strategy, and a recession’s onset is unpredictable (and once it arrives, is short-lived). For those reasons, it remains as important today as always to adopt an equity-to-fixed allocation you can live with over multiple cycles. ...
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Manufacturing Jobs Are Having Their Best Year Since 1984

Manufacturing Jobs Are Having Their Best Year Since 1984, and the growth seems likely to continue....
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Solid Job Growth

The latest jobs data suggested that a major influx of job seekers is adding to the labor force, which is holding down wage inflation and providing some additional room for the economy to grow. Part of this may be wishful thinking, specifically regarding inflation....
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