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What about rate increases for Long-Term-Care Insurance?

Long Term Care Insurance is an important part of your wealth plan - but should you be concerned about rate increases?...
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What to do with an old life insurance policy

Permanent life insurance contracts are complicated, but understanding what your needs are and whether or not what you own still serves its originally intended purpose doesn’t have to be....
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Life Insurance is not a “Buy and Hold” Asset

The policy benefits from your life insurance may be the most valuable single asset you own! Life insurance should be actively managed, just like an investment. ...
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Tax Planning: The Importance of Sharing Your Filed Tax Return with Your Financial Advisor

Do you share your tax return with your financial advisor? While often overlooked, this simple action can help your advisor come up with the best plan for your full financial situation. ...
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Back to Basics

Focus returns to Fed rates and the labor market as bank run drama appears largely past. It is important to look past market headlines and focus on the data....
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Solutions for Reducing Long Term Care Risk

70% of people turning age 65 can expect to use some form of long-term care during their lives....
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Evaluating Long Term Care Insurance Products

Our helpful guide with terms and acronyms defining long-term care....
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Does your insurance have purpose?

Insurance is a key part of your financial plan. Should life insurance be a part of yours? Read on for a breakdown....
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Should you trade in a high-priced annuity?

Your needs change over time.  If you’re still paying for annuity features you no longer need, you have options. Used correctly, annuities can help investors avoid the biggest danger to their investment results:  Themselves. But how are we to know given how varied and complicated these products are?...
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