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The Great Fall of China?

China is the largest contributor to global economic growth and is crucial across supply chains and the raw materials and technology sectors. China's real estate market is crucial to their overall economy, but its turbulent performance have investors fearing the worst....
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Turkey’s “New” Leadership

Investors rush to Turkish markets after new Treasury and Finance Minister, Mehmet Simsek, is chosen in hopes of momentum following pro market policy shift. While Turkey offers potential, it still comes with geopolitical risk....
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Market Implications of Japan’s New Central Bank Governor

The Bank of Japan's newest pick for governor, Kazuo Ueda, came as a surprise to investors who are now left wondering if this signals a change in the central bank's policy. While the last decade has been rough for Japanese markets, there are compelling reasons Japanese equities are undervalued - and an attractive addition to an international portfolio....
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Mexico is the second largest trading partner of the United States. Despite public perception of cartels and corruption, the mutually beneficial relationship between Mexico and the United has been robust and long lasting. Here's why Mexico is a place to invest....
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The Ukraine / Russia War: One Year Later

The Russian invasion of Ukraine approaches the one-year mark with no resolution yet in sight. We provide a summary of the conflict so far, along with possible market ramifications. China and its' effects on the technology sector are also discussed....
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Investment Implications of China’s Recent Party Congress

As China's 20th Communist Party Congress concludes, western media and investors are paying attention to Xi Jinping's nontypical appointment to a third term. Many are concerned that Xi will tighten market freedoms, leading to a weaker world economy. However, a look at recent policy tells a different story....
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Gresham’s Law

As the monetary principle dating back to Queen Elizabeth I goes, "Bad money drives out good." History repeats with the U.S. dollar in international markets, and past Fed Chairman Dr. Alan Greenspan explains....
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The Return of German Militarism

With its new increase in military funding, Germany's spending now easily surpasses Russia's annual defense budget. And Germany isn't the only one - NATO spending across the board has risen an average of 61% since the summit resolution....
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Russo-Ukraine Conflict: The Missing Energy Sanctions

After cancelled peace talks and the continued onslaught from Russian military forces in Ukraine, the world watches from the borders to see how long Kyiv will stand. Historic outpouring of economic sanctions and support measures from the West cripples Russia, but fighting continues....
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