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Politicizing the Fed Is an Opening for Mischief

Imagine if Congress audited Supreme Court decisions....
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Investors Underestimating the Economy and the Fed

This economic expansion has long been derided as the weakest, most disappointing ever, a characterization that is both fair and highly misleading. The expansion is weak compared with prior expansions, but it is also quite solid relative to how fast the economy is capable of growing....
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A Slightly Complicated Employment Report

The market’s initial reaction to the Employment Report does not recognize the implicit strength of the economy....
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Bond Markets Are Looking More Perilous by the Day

Even though the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates twice in three months, it’s been a good time to own bonds....
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Back to Fundamentals

The political impasse that killed off efforts to restructure Obamacare will enable Washington to refocus on tax reform, which was always more important to the markets longer term, and for investors to refocus on corporate profit reports in the coming weeks....
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This Economic Recovery Has Been Stronger Than You Think…and May Have Further to Go

This economic recovery has actually been rather solid and consistent, even relentless....
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Markets Not Ready For A Fed Surprise

Investors should think of most every (Fed) meeting as live. They don’t, which suggests that some market volatility might also occur....
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Bloomberg Markets: ACM’s Charles Lieberman on Fed Shifting Perspective (Audio)

Bloomberg Markets AM with Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz.  February 21, 2017 — 11:53 AM EST GUEST: Charles Lieberman Chief Investment Officer Advisors Capital Mgmt LLC discusses how the Fed is...
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The Fed Is Behind The Curve

Senior Federal Reserve officials have commented recently on how undesirable it would be if the Donald Trump administration implemented expansionary fiscal policy right now....
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