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Fixed income should work in 2024 regardless of Federal Reserve action

Whether the Fed aggressively cuts interest rates or not, bonds are positioned to do well. Particularly, intermediate corporate bonds are compelling....
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Steady As She Goes

The market waits expectantly for the Fed to begin cutting rates, but solid economic growth and a tightened labor market does not support these expectations. Without a decrease in inflation or an economic recession, further rate reductions are just wishful thinking....
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Are We Headed to a Soft Landing?

While growth and inflation have been moderating, it is likely that the Fed will need to continue raising rates before they can successfully lower inflation to their 2% goal. Wage inflation threatens their chances for a soft landing....
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It’s Now a Waiting Game

In their most recent meeting, the Fed continued their hike to a 5% interest rate. has growth slowed enough to curb inflation? The Fed must wait and see. ...
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Year End Q&A with Dr. Greenspan

A year end Q&A with Dr. Alan Greenspan - topics include recession, rate hikes, and market volatility from the past Fed Chair himself!...
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Still Robust

While most economists expect the Fed to continue to hike interest rates over the near term, even as it downshifts from 0.75% to 0.50% increments, investors remain convinced that the Fed will soon end its rate hike cycle. So, we think there is some room for disappointment and market volatility will continue....
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The “Economy” and the “Market”

Alan Greenspan weighs in on whether the Fed can manage a "soft landing". Can the Fed control inflation without causing a recission? To answer, Dr. Greenspan says you must differentiate between the stock market and the economy....
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Investors and the Fed Are NOT Aligned

Economic recession, peak inflation, slowing fed rate hikes - All of these beliefs are held by many investors and are largely priced into the market, but all of them are likely wrong....
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Putin, Powell, Pandemic and Politics

There are four Ps which have contributed to the recent stock and bond market decline. In no specific order they are Putin, Powell, the Pandemic and Politics. ...
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