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Is a Soft Landing in the Offing?

Hiring and jobs growth moderate but if it is because of less demand for products, or less workers available for hire has yet to be seen. The Fed continues their goal towards a soft landing while still curbing inflation....
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Red Hot Jobs Report, But What About the Debt Ceiling?

After January's incredibly strong jobs report it looks like the Fed will be forced to continue on their path of rate hikes - whether they want to or not. What does this mean for the risk of recession? And -- a quick note on congress' debt ceiling issue.....
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The recession that hasn’t happened yet

Much of recent market turmoil has been due to the expectation by investors that a recession is looming just around the corner. Are investors' fears unfounded?...
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If You Quit, Make Sure Future Benefits Are Legit.

A record 4.5 million people quit their job in November, confident they can find greener pastures elsewhere. But is that the best move for you? Read on for all of your job jumping considerations....
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A New Perspective

CIO and Founding Partner Dr. Lieberman reviews the latest jobs report which was lower than expected but still strong. Fed Chair Powell expected to start tapering, as inflation looks here to stay. Also, Omicron. Your economic forecast....
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Next Up: Earnings

Although the news recently has been dominated by alarming headlines, we have some positive developments to look forward to: second quarter earnings reports. This past quarter will likely deliver one of best year-over-year earnings growth rates in history....
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The Starter’s Gun Went Off Early!

The economy is already off to the races even before another round of fiscal stimulus.  What remains unknown is whether this strong growth will increase inflation beyond the Fed’s objectives. ...
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Manufacturing Jobs Are Having Their Best Year Since 1984

Manufacturing Jobs Are Having Their Best Year Since 1984, and the growth seems likely to continue....
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Just Rolling Along

The economy is performing very well. Enjoy the ride....
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