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The “Economy” and the “Market”

Alan Greenspan weighs in on whether the Fed can manage a "soft landing". Can the Fed control inflation without causing a recission? To answer, Dr. Greenspan says you must differentiate between the stock market and the economy....
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Gresham’s Law

As the monetary principle dating back to Queen Elizabeth I goes, "Bad money drives out good." History repeats with the U.S. dollar in international markets, and past Fed Chairman Dr. Alan Greenspan explains....
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The Calm Before The Storm?

July finished the month with a 9% gain. Indeed, following a volatile summer, investors and lawmakers have reason to feel a modicum of relief. Yet the U.S. economy has entered into what was commonly thought as a technical recession. While whispers of recession are certainly strange in a time of such strength in the labor market, I believe there are enough storm clouds on the horizon to warrant investor caution going forward....
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China, Taiwan, and the World Economic Order

Among the foreseeable challenges facing the world economy and political order, few loom larger than that of China’s plans to become the world’s leading global power. There are reasons to think Xi Jinping may become increasingly anxious to proceed with reunifying Taiwan....
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Consumers Under Pressure

The aftermath of COVID left the American household in a better financial situation, with more money to spend and more desire to spend it. The strength of the economy after COVID has been bolstered by the strong position of the consumer. But can they continue to shoulder the burden? Fmr. Fed Chair Greenspan weighs in....
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The Fate of Globalization

Interruptions in global supply chains caused by COVID-19 and more recently, the war in Ukraine could have potential long term risks to globalization. Dr. Greenspan considers how ideology and sanctions effects economic progress....
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A Feeling of Deja Vu

Economic advisor and past Fed Chair Alan Greenspan provides insight on the current Ukrainian conflict. Thoughts from his visit with the Soviet Union's final president, and a comparison with Putin and the current state of Russia's military goals....
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The Berlin Wall and the Russo-Ukrainian Crisis

Dr. Greenspan analyzes the current crisis at the Russo-Ukrainian border in light of the ideological divide between Russia and the United States. The battle between the free market versus a government controlled economy played out in the fall of the Berlin Wall, and now starts again in Western Ukraine....
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Specter of Inflation Forces the Fed to Act

ACM Advisor Alan Greenspan Inflation outlook, “raising wages to encourage a return to the labor force…could eventually result in higher Inflation…”...
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