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Beware Middle Class Discontent

Dr. Greenspan analyzes the effects of the pandemic on America's middle class. Massive wealth inequality and resentment from government stimulus grows discontent amongst those stuck in the middle....
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Consumers Under Pressure

The aftermath of COVID left the American household in a better financial situation, with more money to spend and more desire to spend it. The strength of the economy after COVID has been bolstered by the strong position of the consumer. But can they continue to shoulder the burden? Fmr. Fed Chair Greenspan weighs in....
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The Fate of Globalization

Interruptions in global supply chains caused by COVID-19 and more recently, the war in Ukraine could have potential long term risks to globalization. Dr. Greenspan considers how ideology and sanctions effects economic progress....
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Is COVID-19 Your Dress Rehearsal For Retirement?

Home confinement has been one big retirement dress rehearsal for many back-end baby boomers.  While you are making your fiscal check lists for the potential day, ask yourself a couple of additional non-financial questions....
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An Opportunity in International Equity

Wuhan's recovery, once again enables China to be the “world’s factory,” we expect it to help drive Europe’s recovery once the virus runs its course. Our International ADR strategy is ideally positioned to capture these developments....
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Stick to the Plan? Yes.

Given that periods of uncertainty like today can create inertia, here are some opportunities that exist today....
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Dislocations in Fixed Income Markets Bring Opportunities

Over the past couple of weeks as others rushed to raise cash, we have been able to provide liquidity to take advantage of extremely attractive opportunities....
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The U.S. Government Needs to Go Big.

Policymakers need to move on two fronts: steps to contain spread of the virus and to provide a vast amount of cash to maintain employment while avoiding job losses and business bankruptcies....
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Be Strategic, Not Reactive.

Investors should always be prepared to ride out recessions by setting holdings of equities and fixed to comfortable proportions....
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