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COVID-19 Update: June 8, 2020

All states have reopened to varying degrees but there is limited evidence of any real increase in cases. The US passes 2M cases but the daily case growth rate falls below 1%....
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Case growth will accelerate with all of the opening in the US. For now the base case forecast assumes ongoing moderation based on responsible individual behavior regardless of state economies opening....
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April 27, 2020 COVID-19 UPDATE

Evidence is mounting that we’re past peak despite what case count data suggests. The increase in testing is leading to an increase in confirmed cases but a flattening of the case fatality rate (CFR%)....
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April 20, 2020 COVID-19 Update

ACM's Weekly COVID -19 Update: When might we be under 1,000 cases nationally per day? The new estimate is the second half of May with May 19th as the estimated date, now 11 days later than the estimate a week ago....
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