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Planning Opportunities To Consider Before Year-End Part 2 – Capital Gains

There is still time to harvest capital gains and losses before year - if you have realized significant gains then tax harvesting can lower your gross income, which then lowers the amount you pay in taxes....
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Tax Planning: The Importance of Sharing Your Filed Tax Return with Your Financial Advisor

Do you share your tax return with your financial advisor? While often overlooked, this simple action can help your advisor come up with the best plan for your full financial situation. ...
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Proactive Income Tax Planning – Why Does Your Tax Bill Have to Be a Surprise?

Taxes are an important part of your financial plan. Strategizing your income and capital gains can save you money over the long run. Here's what to consider....
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Time To Harvest Gains. Not Just Losses.

Harvesting losses on an annual basis is a prudent strategy. Investors should recognize that managing your gains is also part of investing (rebalancing)....
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Dealing with Unrealized Capital Gains

After years of growth in the equity markets, many investors have accumulated substantial capital gains. For many, the thought of paying taxes (realizing the gains) is harder to deal with than the real personal economic impact....
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