Financial Insights

The Positives Now Outweigh the Negatives for Stocks

It won’t take much for equities to react positively if earnings only meet expectations rather than beat them....
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The Bull Case For Stocks Is Compelling

An economic slowdown might actually extend the life of the expansion and the bull market in equities....
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A Looming Bear Market in Stocks? Don’t Bet on It

Protracted downturns largely occur when the economy lapses into recession, yet most economists don't see that happening until 2020, if then....
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The U.S. Economy Deserves a Lot More Credit

Interest rates are likely to work their way higher and the yield curve will continue to flatten, which shouldn’t be troubling....
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The Fed Will be Vindicated on Wage Inflation

The macroeconomic implications of a more efficient labor market are profound....
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Stocks Rally as Washington Burns and That’s Not Odd

Investors are aware of the political news, but know that it matters only to the extent it undermines growth....
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