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You Can’t Retire on an Index

Investors are so focused on beating the S&P 500.  However, you can’t retire on the S&P!...
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Consider a Roth IRA Conversion

For the first time since the 2008 Financial Crisis, this year might very well be the year to consider converting your traditional IRA in to a Roth IRA depending upon your individual circumstances....
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European Equities – Winter is Coming?

Should European Equities be avoided? Most everything plaguing the US economy – rising interest rates, high energy costs, supply chain disruptions, political conflicts – seem worse in Europe. The answer might surprise you - our global portfolio manager weighs in....
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The Calm Before The Storm?

July finished the month with a 9% gain. Indeed, following a volatile summer, investors and lawmakers have reason to feel a modicum of relief. Yet the U.S. economy has entered into what was commonly thought as a technical recession. While whispers of recession are certainly strange in a time of such strength in the labor market, I believe there are enough storm clouds on the horizon to warrant investor caution going forward....
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College Bound? Or Not! Don’t Forget Critical Documents

Whether or not the college students you know will be home, commuting, on campus or taking classes virtually, one thing that has not changed is the need for basic estate planning documents for all adults 18 years or older (Financial Power of Attorney, Health Power of Attorney/Proxy and HIPAA Release forms)....
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Roth IRA Conversions are on Sale

With asset prices down today, retirement savers and those who are near or in the early years of retirement perhaps in a lower tax bracket, the upside to doing Roth IRA conversions could be significant....
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Implications of War in Ukraine, Day Five

The implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on a daily basis for the near term.  Our latest thoughts....
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Implications of War in Ukraine

Putin has launched the war into Ukraine that the West has been trying to deter for some time.  We consider some of the implications....
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ACM Q4 2021 Review and Outlook

Advisors Capital's investment committee provides a year-end review and forward outlook. This report covers domestic and international equity and fixed income markets, ACM investment strategies and the committee's guidance on the economy and pandemic....
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