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Full Speed Ahead

Hiring slows, but is still fairly robust relative to the influx of new job seekers. Wage inflation has moderated from pandemic levels, but the labor market still remains quite tight. Prospects for a recession are still beyond our radar, and likely the Fed's too - meaning a year of likely Fed rate holds....
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Is A Soft Landing in the Offing? Revisited

Chief Investment Officer revisits his thoughts from last month's commentary "Is a Soft Landing in the Offing?" on growth and the likelihood of further interest rate hikes....
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Your Electric Vehicle Future

As New Jersey joins eight other states to ban future sales of internal combustion engine (ICE) cars, it looks like Electric Vehicles are indeed the car of the future. As investors, how do we cope with regulators seemingly barreling full-speed ahead into an EV unknown? ...
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Be thankful for the compelling opportunity in fixed income

The intermediate bond market has actually outpaced the average stock in the S&P 500. As Fed rates are forecasted to decline in the coming years, the bond market is posed to continue offering compelling positive returns....
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Rates have moved higher this year as the equites market continues to grow, mostly due to high returns from the "Magnificent Seven". Meanwhile, most small and midcap stocks are flat for the year. ...
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Just Where Is the Recession? There Are Clues in Long-Term Bond Rates.

Is monetary policy really tight? The Federal Reserve has raised policy rates sharply and quickly. The yield curve is inverted, which has been taken to predict an impending recession or a quick return to the Fed's 2% inflation target....
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Is a Soft Landing in the Offing?

Hiring and jobs growth moderate but if it is because of less demand for products, or less workers available for hire has yet to be seen. The Fed continues their goal towards a soft landing while still curbing inflation....
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2023 Review and Outlook – Quarter 3

2023 Quart 3 Review and Outlook - with macroeconomic outlook from Dr. Charles Lieberman, global markets outlook, and updates on inflation and interest rates....
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The Future of Retail: Looking Back To Look Forward

High rates of theft threaten the physical retail store model. Members only and fully automated stores are just some of the ways the retail industry is evolving to handle crime....
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