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Year End Tax Tips 2019

Absent any last-minute changes from Congress, below are a few year-end tax reminders.  This list is not exhaustive and a conversation with your tax advisor is always recommended.

If you have to take an RMD, but you don’t actually need the proceeds (or the taxable income an RMD generates), then consider using some portion or all of your RMD to make a qualified charitable deduction (QCD).   For taxpayers 70.5 years old or older, funds transferred directly from your IRA, Inherited IRA, or even an inactive SEP or Simple IRA plan to a qualified charity will not count as taxable income and will count toward satisfying your required minimum distribution.  Ideally, the check should be deposited by the charity by December 31st.  Click here for more info or reach out to us if you have questions.

For those contributing to an HSA, you still have until April 15, 2019 to make contributions for 2018.  There is no extension beyond April 15.


NEXT WEEK: Year-End IRA Contribution Summery

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