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The Problem with “No Problem”

Memo To Service Teams Everywhere

For anyone born before 1980, responding with “no problem” means that whatever we did for them was in fact a problem, but we did it anyway.  We would be insinuating that the task we had performed might be reasonably considered problematic.  This of course is not the case.  However this is why some clients might have an issue with your response.

Clients of a certain age like myself often have specific expectations when it comes to customer service interactions. Using phrases that deviate from these expectations can lead to dissatisfaction.  To improve client interactions, it’s often better to use phrase that represents the task at hand. For example:  “You’re welcome” for everyday tasks is more appropriate.

There are times that you can use the phrase “no problem”.  It would be appropriate if I called you at 2am asking for bail money and a ride home because I got in a shuffle with a waiter that evening who said “no problem” to me when I asked for the check.

For those born after 1980 the good news is that all of us “old folks” won’t be here forever so you will be able revert to saying “no problem” when it really isn’t a problem at all.  But while we are still alive, please hold the phrase for more burdensome acts of chivalry.

You’re welcome!

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