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Not So Fast

The S&P reaches a new all-time high last week as investors begin 2024 bullish, betting that inflation is mostly tamed and the Fed will soon lower interest rates. Let's check the data points....
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New Year, New You, New Withdrawal Rate

The start of a new year is a great time to take another look at your withdrawal rate from your retirement portfolios. We discuss both variable and fixed withdrawal rates and how they can impact your retirement plan....
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European Equity Outlook for 2024

European markets offer opportunity as investors present ultra-bearish sentiment as Ukrainian war continues. Despite sluggish growth, a resurgence of trade with Asian Pacific countries and profitable innovation from EU based companies demonstrates value that will continue to grow over time....
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4th Quarter 2023 Review and Outlook

Advisor Capital's 2023 Quarter Four Outlook - contains macroeconomic overview from Dr. Charles Lieberman, World Market & Economies update, and an update on inflation verses interest rates....
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Steady As She Goes

The market waits expectantly for the Fed to begin cutting rates, but solid economic growth and a tightened labor market does not support these expectations. Without a decrease in inflation or an economic recession, further rate reductions are just wishful thinking....
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Year-End Gifting Info

Gift and you shall receive - not only do you do some good through Charitable Gifting, but it is also a way to lower your taxable income! Keep in mind, you only can get a deduction for charitable contributions if you itemize your taxes!...
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‘Tis the Season (for 2024 Prognostications)

Large index funds like the S&P reflect historical market performance by the corresponding weight of each position. When most growth is driven by a handful of companies (Magnificent 7), you can find yourself with a very limited and expensive portfolio. Instead, we look for better growth prospects and a cheaper valuation....
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Making A List and Checking It Twice

Before you kick back with a cup of eggnog, check our year-end planning list to confirm you have met all of your planning objectives for 2023....
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Full Speed Ahead

Hiring slows, but is still fairly robust relative to the influx of new job seekers. Wage inflation has moderated from pandemic levels, but the labor market still remains quite tight. Prospects for a recession are still beyond our radar, and likely the Fed's too - meaning a year of likely Fed rate holds....
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