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The Super Bowl Indicator – Did the Kansas City Chiefs Just Tank the Market?

Have you heard of the Super Bowl Indicator? According to this market predictor, if the winning team is from the National Football Conference the stock market will end the year at a gain. But if the winner is from the American Football Conference, stocks will fall....
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Five Things Every Business Owner Should Consider Now If They Want To Sell Their Business in the Next 5 Years

Business owners often have more complexity associated with their overall wealth planning. Most of their net worth tends to be represented in the business itself, and the success of small businesses can vary greatly year to year. This uncertainty is the exact reason why business owners need an exit plan....
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Betting vs. Investing

Is there a difference between betting and investing? Bets always have a winner or loser, but investments are always expected to return some benefit to the investor. Other key differences include ease and cost of transactions, risk/reward payoffs, and knowledge/skill level....
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‘Women’s No. 1 source of stress is money,’ expert says. Fixing that requires a step-by-step approach

Women have a complicated relationship with money. That may start with how they feel about their finances. While men most commonly say they are “hopeful” when it comes to money, women’s No. 1 word for their financial feelings was “stress,” according to a 2023 Fidelity Investments survey....
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Financial Planning Considerations to Make When Changing Jobs

If you are concerned about the stability of your job moving forward, consider a few major financial items that you need to plan for should you unfortunately find yourself on the wrong side of this recent trend....
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Recession Prospects are Even More Distant Now

The economy may have picked up some steam recently, although a strengthening of growth is actually unsustainable. More significantly, recession prospects have been pushed even further into the future, which jeopardizes the Fed’s hope or bringing inflation closer to its 2% objective....
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Prepare Now for Tax Season

As tax season approaches, make sure that you know where to find all of your important tax information! Your custodian will provide the basic tax reporting for your accounts....
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Fixed income should work in 2024 regardless of Federal Reserve action

Whether the Fed aggressively cuts interest rates or not, bonds are positioned to do well. Particularly, intermediate corporate bonds are compelling....
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Proactive Tax Moves for 2024 & Action Items from Secure Act 2.0

Thoughtful and proactive planning can help you minimize the amount of taxes you have to pay. 2024 brought some changes for tax filing thresholds and workplace Roth RMDs....
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