Eddies and Turbulence

It’s all about eddies this week. Eddie Munster (Halloween) and eddy currents because market waters are very swirly right now. We have the breakdown on seemingly conflicting market currents.

Earnings: The Other Shoe to Drop?

Investors turn to third quarter earnings reports and business outlooks for clues regarding a possible recession. But are their fears already priced in to the market? We analyze the ups and downs of semiconductor stocks to see where the chips may fall.

Searching for a Bottom

Strong job gains, high inflation, and a looming recession have created a challenging environment for equity investors. As prices continue to trend downward, investors are left asking how low can things go.

Time to Start shopping your Medicare Part D plan

Did you know you can preview 2022 Part D Medicare plans now, even though enrollment isn’t until October 15th? Plans can change every year, so make sure all of your current medications are covered. Log into your Medicare account and start comparing now!

The Fed’s Next Steps

Federal Reserve officials have been warning that that the market’s expectations for rate reductions in 2023 are unlikely to be realized. These are the Fed’s next steps in our opinion.