Still not there yet

Stocks rallied briefly the past two months, but are now dropping again as inflation appears here to stay. While prices for food, gas, and especially rent are still high, consumer spending has also remained high. The
Fed continues to monitor the effects of rate hikes.

Preferreds can help or harm your fixed income portfolio

Did you know two preferred stock from the same bank can perform very differently? This variation is often caused by the coupon structure of the stock, which can be either a fixed or floating rate. Investors who do not understand these nuances can easily find themselves at a loss. Our Fixed Income team breaks it down for you.

Roth IRA for Kids

What is the most powerful savings vehicle for kids with jobs? Of course it is the Roth IRA! Show your child how to put some of that money from their summer job to work for them.

The Calm Before The Storm?

July finished the month with a 9% gain. Indeed, following a volatile summer, investors and lawmakers have reason to feel a modicum of relief. Yet the U.S. economy has entered into what was commonly thought as a technical recession. While whispers of recession are certainly strange in a time of such strength in the labor market, I believe there are enough storm clouds on the horizon to warrant investor caution going forward.

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling?

The S&P 500, even after rebounding 12% in the last six weeks, is down 13% for the year. Just as companies and consumers are adjusting to ongoing economic challenges, investors have spent the last several months reallocating exposure towards safety, and they have seemingly prepared for Chicken Little’s apocalypse. The recent rally suggests that markets already anticipate these events and are now positioning for beyond.

College Bound? Or Not! Don’t Forget Critical Documents

Whether or not the college students you know will be home, commuting, on campus or taking classes virtually, one thing that has not changed is the need for basic estate planning documents for all adults 18 years or older (Financial Power of Attorney, Health Power of Attorney/Proxy and HIPAA Release forms).