Determining Signals from the Noise

The father of American Psychology, William James, is quoted, saying “The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook.” This strikes a chord because it gets to the root of what matters: what to pay attention to and what to dismiss. The art of determining the signals from the noise.

Have We Hit Bottom, Yet?

The Fed’s objective of raising rates to slow growth without causing a recession will not be easy to accomplish.  Even so, it isn’t impossible. We think the economy is fairly unlikely to suffer a deep recession and that stock valuations have fallen to attractive levels.  In our judgment, stocks now present a very enticing level from a longer-term perspective.

China, Taiwan, and the World Economic Order

Among the foreseeable challenges facing the world economy and political order, few loom larger than that of China’s plans to become the world’s leading global power. There are reasons to think Xi Jinping may
become increasingly anxious to proceed with reunifying Taiwan.