Roth IRA Conversions are on Sale

With asset prices down today, retirement savers and those who are near or in the early years of retirement perhaps in a lower tax bracket, the upside to doing Roth IRA conversions could be significant.

We’re Not There Yet.

We’re not there yet. Keep an eye on CPI readings, Treasury rates, and simply on the price of gasoline will help in knowing when we’re getting close to some abating in this market volatility and the persistent downdrafts. 

Why Is My Fixed Income Down?

A dramatic rise in interest rates has produced historically large losses in the bond market within a very short period of time. Bonds can still play that traditional allocation role, despite these headwinds, if managed properly.

Recalibrating for Inflation

Sizable decline in stocks and bonds reflects the shock to many investors who thought inflation would be tamed easily and must now accept that the Fed may be forced to raise interest rates more than commonly believed.

Consumers Under Pressure

The aftermath of COVID left the American household in a better financial situation, with more money to spend and more desire to spend it. The strength of the economy after COVID has been bolstered by the strong position of the consumer. But can they continue to shoulder the burden? Fmr. Fed Chair Greenspan weighs in.