No Where to Hide

Bonds and equities suffer against rising inflation, fed rate hikes, and a lower than expected GDP. While this feels like a downturn, it is more like a rebalancing.

How much will earnings matter?

High inflation, rising interest rates, Covid, and war in Europe has caused stocks to decline due to market volatility. However, as companies release their earnings reports we will see how market risks are actually effecting manufacturing and productivity. Will high earnings beat out the volatility?

Bright, Shiny Objects

Exchange Traded Funds, or EFTs, allow passive investors to gain exposure to a particular grouping of securities, much like bonds, except they can be traded like regular stocks. With low annual fees, ETFs have become very popular. The SEC is set to approve a new type of EFTs that only holds a single stock, that will be supposedly leveraged to give double or triple the stock’s daily performance. Are these new fangled ETFs a good idea?

The Economy Keeps Rolling

Dr. Chuck Lieberman analyzes the likelihood of a recession, and identifies factors both strengthening and weakening the market. Fed rate hikes, geopolitical tension, and continued demand paints a conflicting picture of economic health.

A Feeling of Deja Vu

Economic advisor and past Fed Chair Alan Greenspan provides insight on the current Ukrainian conflict. Thoughts from his visit with the Soviet Union’s final president, and a comparison with Putin and the current state of Russia’s military goals.

Q1: Review and Outlook

Advisors Capital’s investment committee provides a year-start review and forward outlook. This report covers domestic and international equity and fixed income markets, ACM investment strategies and the committee’s guidance on geopolitical impacts, the economy, and pandemic.