War Impact on Equity Markets

The market moves with news of the Ukrainian invasion. International Strategies portfolio manager David Ruff analyzes the current situation with Russia, and where that leaves the investor.

Another Fine Mess?

Just as COVID started to recede, markets are hit again by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Fed continues to fight inflationary pressures, and a bear market seems likely. However, long term investors remain secure.

Make Yourself a Difficult Target for Cybercriminals

Cybercriminals devise schemes to trick you into giving them an entry way into your digital world. The most effective strategy for keeping them out is to lock down the most common entry points. ACM’s custodial partner Fidelity Investments shares some key tips to protecting your personal information.

Inflation, Interest Rates, and an Invasion

The combined effects of rising interest rates, high inflation, and the invasion of Ukraine make the current investment environment challenging. Portfolio manager Kevin Kelly explains how our Fixed Income strategies have beaten the averages by only taking moderate levels of interest rate and credit risk.

Taxation of Cryptocurrency

If you’ve ventured into cryptocurrencies, make sure to properly include them in your tax filings. Buying, selling, staking – and how to report it to the IRS.

The Return of German Militarism

With its new increase in military funding, Germany’s spending now easily surpasses Russia’s annual defense budget. And Germany isn’t the only one – NATO spending across the board has risen an average of 61% since the summit resolution.

Russo-Ukraine Conflict: The Missing Energy Sanctions

After cancelled peace talks and the continued onslaught from Russian military forces in Ukraine, the world watches from the borders to see how long Kyiv will stand. Historic outpouring of economic sanctions and support measures from the West cripples Russia, but fighting continues.