Volatility Revisited

When the market has been especially volatile, investors often make emotionally based decisions that can harm their goals for the future. Don’t let fear rule your portfolio.

Emerging Markets and ASEAN

Emerging markets struggled overseas in 2021, facing strong headwinds like inflation and a faltering Chinese economy. Senior portfolio manager David Ruff analyzes why 2022 may be a better year for developing markets, particularly ASEAN, the region covering Southeast Asia.

Wishful Thinking

The economic recovery continues – but so do rising inflation concerns. Chief Investment Officer Charles Lieberman examines Friday’s job report and the Fed’s decision to start tapering. Forecast includes continued employment shortages and a raring market limited by bottlenecks.

Did You Know? Earn 7.12% on Savings bonds

Looking for a safe investment with an attractive yield? The U.S. Treasury’s Inflation bonds (I bonds) will earn a rate of 7.12% – which is the second-highest initial rate ever offered on I Bonds. Director of Wealth Planning, Jeff Deiss, breaks down if I-Bonds are right for your portfolio.

Fourth-Quarter Update

From Sept 2nd through Oct 4th, the broad equity market, as reflected in the S&P 500, dropped -5.1%. The month-long decline helped to reset and temper expectations and should be viewed as a normal part of being in the market. The seasonally volatile months of September and October are behind us and we’re now in the market’s seasonally strongest period of the year – the fourth quarter.