Should you trade in a high-priced annuity?

Your needs change over time.  If you’re still paying for annuity features you no longer need, you have options. Used correctly, annuities can help investors avoid the biggest danger to their investment results:  Themselves. But how are we to know given how varied and complicated these products are?

Back to Pre-Covid Normal? Not Quite…

At the start of the 2nd quarter, the economic re-opening trade was on full-force and nearing its pre-Covid level. Almost three months later the economy and the 10-year treasury has been essentially chopping sideways. But is this the peak for this economic cycle?

Are You Chasing Yield in Fixed Income?

Interest rates and risk premiums (credit spreads*) are both very low. This has caused some investors to chase yield via more aggressive fixed income opportunities without appreciating the incremental risk associated with those decisions.

Competition with China

The foreign policy challenges facing America are as pressing as ever. Recent cyberattacks have disrupted America’s oil infrastructure and meat production, and conflicts in the Middle East have flared anew. However, as I wrote in my August newsletter of last year, I believe the defining foreign policy issue facing America in the coming decades will be China.

Activist Investors – Opportunity or Threat?

A climate-driven activist hedge fund shook the board of Exxon Mobil last week by gaining two seats. Is this the death knell for the energy sector? Should investors dump all their oil and gas stocks tomorrow? More broadly, what does this mean for investors and ACM portfolios?