Health Savings Accounts 2.0

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a great way to create a nest egg for healthcare expenses in retirement. The HSA as it remains one of the best retirement planning tools available.

The Future of Cryptocurrency

With pandemic-engendered record levels of monetary stimulus unleashed, investors and institutions are seeking alternative stores of value in digital assets.  This surging popularity has not been lost on governments and central banks, however, and they’re not interested in losing control of the crucial financial and societal functions of money. We take a look at the potential future of cryptocurrency.

Twelve Potential Biden Tax Changes

Congress will have the opportunity to press forward with their proposed changes to the tax laws. This could potentially be the first major tax hike since 1993. Here are a dozen possible changes to the tax code.

The Starter’s Gun Went Off Early!

The economy is already off to the races even before another round of fiscal stimulus.  What remains unknown is whether this strong growth will increase inflation beyond the Fed’s objectives.