Evaluating The Current Equity Market

Front and center are two topics that seem to be on investors’ minds:  the equity market’s current valuation given its all-time high price level and are interest rates and inflation about to inflect higher. We take a look at how stocks are setting up.

Irrational Exuberance and the GameStop Short Squeeze

Irrational exuberance is a state of investor psychology, when the pendulum between fear and euphoria has swung too far towards the latter. Stock prices are the aggregation of the myriad expectations held by market participants and can at times reflect what seems an unjustifiably optimistic view of future economic conditions.

Making Sense of Long Term Care Insurance Options

Addressing the potential costs of long term care is a critical part of any retirement plan.  Just like a car or refrigerator, our parts inevitably wear out over time too. The notion of ”long term care” may seem abstract until you’ve had a personal experience with it through a parent or another family member, and then the cost and stress that accompany a long term care event becomes all too real.

Fixed Income Investors Need A Wake-Up Call

Bond investors are in need of a wake-up call. Most don’t pay enough attention to their fixed income portfolios. Investors assume that their bonds are safe and that there are only a few options for building a safe portfolio. We address both of these potentially dangerous assumptions.

The Purpose of Insurance

In addition to investment management, insurance is a critical component of your financial plan. Our quick guide to the types of insurance and their purpose.