Could the Recovery Be Too Strong?

Many people fear that the Fed’s injection of trillions in liquidity will cause inflation to surge.  We do not see rising inflation as a serious risk this year, so any concerns about inflation are premature. But it could become a problem depending on fiscal and monetary policy actions this year and next.

30 Reasons Not to Invest

Over the past 30 years there have been plenty of reasons not to invested. However, those investors who stayed the course have enjoyed record levels in all three of the major stock indexes.

Alan Greenspan: The Weight of GDP

The correlation between growing economic activity and growing weight of real GDP apparently peaked in the late 1970s. In recent years, the conceptual contribution to economic activity has reflected importantly the explosive growth in information gathering and processing techniques, which have greatly extended our capability to substitute ideas for physical volume.

Focus on What You CAN Control

There are certain aspects of our financial lives over which we have some control – our career and how long we work, or how much we spend or save. Time to focus on what we can control.