Covid-19 Aid Bill Highlights For Individuals

Extended unemployment benefits, breaks for renters and homeowners and the revival of the Paycheck Protection Program are just a few of the benefits for individuals coming out of the recent Coronavirus Stimulus 2.0 that the President has agreed to sign.

A Shot in the Arm

The pace of the economic recovery is slowing, as governments close restaurants and other facilities to stymie spread of Covid.  But approval and widespread distribution of at least two vaccines ensure the economy will soon get a booster shot (figuratively) even as the population gets booster shot in the arm (literally).

The Market Has Rallied Huge. What’s Next?

COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc, as cases spike throughout the country during this holiday season. And yet the S&P 500 and the Russell 2000 have made new all-time highs this past week and the 10-year Treasury yields just 0.88%.  We see stocks anticipating a recovery, even as bond yields are depressed by Fed policy. 

Fixed Investors Are Playing With Fire

Many investors do not realize they are playing with fire in the fixed income portion of their portfolios by choosing to own common, high quality investment grade bonds. These investors are likely to be disappointed and could lose money in the next year or two.