China’s Five-Year Plan

The U.S. Presidential election will increasingly take center stage as the candidates spell out their economic and foreign policy agendas. Possibly even more consequential is another event happening in the world’s second largest economy. China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, is to be unveiled next month.

Dealing with Concentrated Stock: Part Math Part Emotion

There are a number of reasons why investors find themselves with concentrated stock positions; insider selling constraints, indecision, emotional attachment or concern over the tax implications of selling. Taking any action on a concentrated stock position starts with how it fits into your overall financial situation and long term goals. 

Revisiting the Stock vs. Bond Allocation

Virtually everyone appreciates that Treasury bonds are close to all-time record low yields, but how should investors adapt to that fact?  Bonds still have a legitimate role to play in any portfolio, but it is appropriate for every investor to revisit their allocation to bonds.

Rotation Time?

When I wrote this weekly commentary in July, Elon Musk had just overtaken Warren Buffet on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Well, what a difference six weeks can make. In that commentary, I posed a simple question: how long can it go on? Well, what a difference two days can make.