Is the Fed Move a Game Changer?

Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell announced a shift to an “inflation averaging” rule last week at the virtual Jackson Hole monetary policy conference and many investors are wondering whether this should alter portfolio strategy.

Wall Street vs. Main Street

This past week the S&P 500 made a new all-time high and Apple reached $2 trillion in valuation.  It would seem that the pandemic is already in the rearview mirror. Many worry that Wall Street is disconnected from Main Street.

Politics And Your Portfolio

As the November elections near, some investors are becoming increasing concerned about possible negative affects to their portfolios. Your portfolio design and construction needs to look toward the bigger picture.

Alan Greenspan: US-China Relations

The key to global economic balance over the next generation will be defined by the increasingly contentious relationship between the United States and China. China is endeavoring to wrench global hegemony from the United States.

Progress, Even If the Road Is Rough

Second quarter GDP collapsed at a 32.9% annual rate, as was widely expected.  Nonetheless, more timely data shows that the economy is bouncing back.  It has a long ways to go and the path back will not be smooth or easy.  But the recovery process is clearly underway.