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By placing your interests first and coordinating with your financial advisors, our comprehensive wealth management experience will provide peace of mind and the confidence that you can achieve your lifetime goals and dreams. We welcome the opportunity to learn about you and what you want to accomplish.

Company Profile

Founded: 1998
Assets Under Management/Administration: $6 Billion*
*Since last SEC filing.
Employees: 80
Offices: CA, CO, CT, FL, MA, MI, NJ, NY, NV, PA, TN and TX.

Advisors Capital Management. LLC is an investment advisory firm

ACM Wealth is the wealth planning team of Advisors Capital Management (ACM). ACM was formed under the principles that each client deserves inexpensive, tax efficient, customized and transparent portfolios. As importantly, these portfolios should work seamlessly with a client’s ongoing financial plan.

The firm’s partners come from backgrounds in both investment management and financial planning and we have built experienced teams in each of these disciplines. As a fiduciary, all of our investment and wealth planning decisions are made in the best interest of our clients.

Our investment and wealth services are all-inclusive in an annual fee. Client can choose to have their accounts at independent custodians Fidelity Investments or Charles Schwab.

“Our economic, investment and planning expertise is only as good as our deep understanding of you. Your success will come from staying invested over time, and establishing reasonable goals for growth or income. I’m confident that we can show you how to get there.”

-Kevin G. Kern Managing Partner, ACM Wealth Services

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