Still Robust

While most economists expect the Fed to continue to hike interest rates over the near term, even as it downshifts from 0.75% to 0.50% increments, investors remain convinced that the Fed will soon end its rate hike cycle. So, we think there is some room for disappointment and market volatility will continue.

The “Economy” and the “Market”

Alan Greenspan weighs in on whether the Fed can manage a “soft landing”. Can the Fed control inflation without causing a recission? To answer, Dr. Greenspan says you must differentiate between the stock market and the economy.

Managing Expectations and Subscriptions

What goes up must come down? Not always. Inflation and Fed rate hikes bring increasing cost to investors. Are the higher rates here to stay? One thing that will stay until cancelled – subscriptions. Make sure you are not wasting money on forgotten subscription costs.

Investment Implications of China’s Recent Party Congress

As China’s 20th Communist Party Congress concludes, western media and investors are paying attention to Xi Jinping’s nontypical appointment to a third term. Many are concerned that Xi will tighten market freedoms, leading to a weaker world economy. However, a look at recent policy tells a different story.

Did you get the memo?

Regional bank and industrial sectors fend off recession, while interest rate sensitive stocks take a beating. Meanwhile, the energy sector soars.